A live-action Rugrats movie is in the works

The 90's Nicktoon is being reimagined for the modern era

Mae Whitman as Angelica in Funny or Die's Rugrats spoofing

The idea of a live-action Rugrats movie sounds particularly absurd, but such a project is actively in the works over at Paramount. As part of the studio’s ongoing initiative to breathe new life into its legacy IPs, the 90s Nicktoon is being revived and reimagined for the modern era.

Today it was revealed that Diary of a Wimpy Kid director David Bowers will helm the film, working off a script written by David Goodman (Futurama, Family Guy). A release date has been set for January 29th, 2021.

The film has been described as a CGI/live-action hybrid, but what exactly that looks like remains unclear. Based on logic, we can assume that some CGI will be used for Tommy, Chuckie, Lil, and Phil, considering that they’re, well, talking babies. But what about the adults? A live-action Grandpa Lou interacting with a C.G.I. Angelica sounds like more like a horror flick than a family friend children’s adventure. Speaking of which, the new Child’s Play movie hits theaters later this year.

The animated Rugrats TV series originally aired from 1991 to 2004. There have also been three feature-length animated films, as well as a spinoff series called All Grown Up!. In addition to the upcoming feature film, Nickelodeon has green-lit a new 26-episode season of the animated series.

Below, watch a Rugrats live-action spoofing imagined by Funny or Die way back in 2012.


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