Mayor Pete would like Phish to play his presidential inauguration

South Bend, Indiana presidential hopeful's favorite Phish album is 1992's A Picture of Nectar

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Phish presidential inauguration day performance
Mayor Pete, photo via TMZ

    If all goes well, the 2020 Presidential Election will finally yield the departure of the Cheeto-in-Chief, as well as possibly one of the coolest, most rockin’ inauguration parties.

    Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke already noted that he’d be honored to have experimental outfit The Mars Volta reunite just for his campaign or to play his inauguration should he come out victorious. Now, South Bend, Indiana’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg has offered up his choice for Inauguration Day music.

    (Watch: Mayor Pete Plays Spoon’s “The Way We Get By” on Piano)

    In an interview with TMZ, Mayor Pete hinted that his Inauguration Day “dream performer” would be Phish. Apparently, we Americans should be prepared for a very psychedelic ceremony that lasts hours.

    Mayor Pete’s selection shouldn’t surprise those who have followed his career over the years. The Indiana politician — who makes history as the first openly gay presidential candidate — has been a Phish phan for some time now. He’s been known to spin Phish songs on the campaign trail, and according to Politico, his favorite Phish album is A Picture of Nectar. Additionally, he reportedly attended a Phish concert in the Indianapolis area back in the early 2000s.


    Also, back in 2017, Mayor Pete specifically shouted out an Indiana constituent on Twitter for loving Phish deep cut “Tweezer Reprise”. The tweet, as well as his other publicized phandom, has even resulted in an article on Mel Magazine last month titled “Can Phish Phans Propel Mayor Pete Buttigieg to the Presidency?” In it, various diehard phans draw parallels between their favorite jam band and the 37-year-old candidate.

    “I’m definitely pumped about Mayor Pete being a Phan,” one phan wrote. “I feel like listening to Phish gives you a much better grasp of what it means to be collaborative, because you’re sharing in the groove. That’s so important for politics.”

    mayor pete buttigieg phish fan inauguration tweezer reprise

    mayor pete buttigieg phish fan inauguration tweezer reprise mayor pete buttigieg phish fan inauguration tweezer reprise

    Update: According to Mayor Pete’s husband, Chasten, Beyoncé is actually his first choice.

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