Megadeth’s “Last Rites / Loved to Deth” provides soundtrack to Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” promo video

Apple's "Don't Mess With Mother" clip features striking nature scenes

Megadeth Dave Mustaine
Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, photo by David Brendan Hall

    Whenever you imagine a montage of epic nature footage — avalanches, gazelles sprinting through the desert, a hippo skulking in the water — what kind of music do you dream up as the soundtrack? If you’re anything like us, your mind goes right to a bombastic bit of thrash metal.

    Well, as ever, Apple has made our dreams come true. The tech giant just released a video titled “Don’t Mess With Mother” to show off the capabilities of their iPhone XS with various clips of the natural world in all its dangerous and beautiful glory, and clip is set to the Megadeth classic “Last Rites/Loved To Deth.”

    If you don’t already know, the song hails from the band’s debut album, Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good, and it not only sets the tone perfectly for that record, but also works brilliantly as a backdrop for some killer footage of volcanoes, stampeding horses, and various other threats to our well-being.


    The clip was shot using the iPhone XS by the folks from Camp4 Collective, a production company that was behind Meru, a 2014 film that won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Watch the clip, as well as the making-of video below.

    As for Megadeth, things are never quiet in that camp. Recently, bassist Dave Ellefson revealed that the band will likely hold off on releasing their next album until 2020, even with the extra time they’ve been given following the postponement of Ozzy Osbourne’s 2019 North American tour, for which Megadeth was set to serve as the opening act. The band is also set for headlining spots at this year’s Psycho Las Vegas and their own MegaCruise. Also on the horizon is the band’s graphic novel, Death by Design, to be published as a companion to the recently released Warheads on Foreheads compilation.

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