Montreal officially declared a “heavy metal city”

City Councillor Craig Sauvé pushed through a resolution dubbing the Canadian city as metal

Montreal City Councillor Craig Sauve
Montreal City Councillor Craig Sauvé

    “Oh, Canada! Our home and metal land!”

    Montreal is already a pretty cool metropolis, with an active nightlife, a beautiful waterfront, and more, but now it’s a place that headbangers can call home. City Councillor and resident metalhead Craig Sauvé just pushed through a declaration to officially dub Montreal a “heavy metal city.”

    Armed with CDs by Cryptopsy, Necrotic Mutation, and Despised Icon, Sauvé gained bipartisan support Monday night (April 15th) for his motion to declare Montreal a metal city, according to Global News Canada.

    “It’s an immense thrill to be able to talk about this art form that I love so dearly,” Sauvé told the Montreal Gazette after the City Council unanimously approved his resolution. “I’m still an active fan. I listen to a lot of it.”


    One councillor, Marvin Rotrand, wanted to add an amendment after expressing worry about the violent nature of some metal music, but council speaker Cathy Wong ruled against amending the declaration, and it was passed as written.

    Fans will now have one more thing to celebrate when they descend upon the Heavy Montreal festival this summer. The previously announced two-day fest features Slayer, Ghost, Anthrax, and more.


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