Nicolas Cage fiercely covers Prince’s “Purple Rain” at karaoke bar: Watch

The performance comes on the heels of his drunken wedding mishap in Vegas last month

Nicolas Cage singing Prince's "Purple Rain" at karaoke bar
Nicolas Cage singing Prince’s “Purple Rain” at karaoke bar

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas — unless you’re Nicolas Cage.

As we previously noted, the Mandy star and makeup artist Erika Koike drunkenly exchanged wedding vows during a ceremony in Sin City last month. After just four days, Cage filed annulment papers, saying that he “lacked understanding” and “reacted on impulse” when marrying Koike. He also claimed that Koike did not tell him about “the full nature and extent of her relationship with another person,” nor did she disclose her criminal history. Now, Cage finds himself in a legal brouhaha over spousal support, which Koike believes she is entitled to.

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The 55-year-old actor recently blew off some steam at a Los Angeles karaoke bar, where he was caught singing raging through a cover of Prince classic “Purple Rain”. The 1984 single is certainly a passionate one by nature, but Cage looked to be operating on another level. Watch the full video for yourself over on TMZ’s website.

Cage previously spoke of his admiration for Prince in a 2018 interview with Collider. “It’s no secret that I’ve been, and still am, a huge fan of Prince. I thought, like many of us, that he was a pure artist. I would and still do think about what he would do – like if I have a question about ‘should I do this or should I do that?’ I often think about what his perception would be even though I didn’t know him.”

Unfortunately for Cage, even Prince couldn’t save him from the hazards of Vegas.