Pete Doherty hospitalized after being stabbed by hedgehog spine

The garage rocker sustained the injury while out walking his two huskies

Pete Doherty hospital hedgehog wound infection medical treatment
Pete Doherty in the hospital recovering from a hedgehog wound

    Pete Doherty has been hospitalized after sustaining an injury from a hedgehog.

    According to various reports, the former Libertines rocker was out walking his two dogs when one of them caught the hedgehog in its mouth. As Doherty was trying to extract the hedgehog, one of its spines punctured the musician’s hand. The wound has since become infected.

    “Pete Doherty is now in hospital having the infected hedgehog spine removed from his finger,” BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Nihal Arthanayake broke the news. He was set to host Doherty on his afternoon show on Monday. “We wish Pete well because whatever has happened is serious enough that he has not been able to make it.”

    Despite the injury, Doherty seems to be in good enough spirits, as he took to Twitter to post pictures of his hand yesterday.

    “A picture me in a hospital bed with an infected hedgehog spike wound thank you to the wonderful men and women who work within the NHS [National Health Service],” he wrote. “What absolute angels and a million times they deserve our respect and thanks.

    Doherty and his band The Puta Madres recently released their self-titled debut album. They’re scheduled to tour the UK and Europe beginning this Friday, May 3rd, and it’s unclear whether Doherty’s medical condition will affect those dates.

    In less painful hedgehog news, the new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer debuted earlier today.


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