Russell Crowe resurrects dead and disgraced Fox News chief Roger Ailes in first trailer for The Loudest Voice: Watch

The Showtime miniseries premieres on Sunday, June 30th

Russell Crowe, The Loudest Voice, Showtime, Screen Shot
Russell Crowe in The Loudest Voice (Showtime)

    Hollywood loves putting real-life scumbags on the screen, especially when they involve a garish physical performance. Russell Crowe is the latest A-lister to follow suit as the late and disgraced Fox News chief Roger Ailes for Showtime’s The Loudest Voice miniseries.

    Today, the network dropped the miniseries’ first trailer, which finds the Oscar winner dialing back to his glory days (think: 1999’s The Insider) as he charts the rise and downfall of Ailes. “Here in America, television news is king,” he says. “We’re gonna give them a vision of the world the way they want it to be…we’re way past politics, it’s war.”

    Watch below.

    Based on Gabriel Sherman’s The Loudest Voice in the Room, who penned the first episode with Oscar-winning Spotlight screenwriter Tom McCarthy, the series plans to cover all the warts in Ailes career, particularly the harrowing sexual harassment allegations that brought about his downfall.


    In addition to Crowe, the series stars Naomi Watts as Gretchen Carlson, Sienna Miller as Ailes’ wife Elizabeth, Seth MacFarlane as former Fox News PR chief Brian Lewis, Simon McBurney as News Corp leader Rupert Murdoch, Annabelle Wallis as former Fox News booker Laurie Luhn, and Aleksa Palladino as Ailes’ longtime assistant Judy Laterza.

    The Loudest Voice debuts on Sunday, June 30th via Showtime.

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