The 1975 perform “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” on Corden: Watch

British band also discusses touring and their next album, Notes on a Conditional Form

The 1975 Late Late Show with James Corden performance
The 1975 on The Late Late Show with James Corden

    The 1975 are arguably at the top of their game. After releasing one of last year’s best albums, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, which happened to feature one of the top singles, the British band recently embarked on a massive world tour. In between appearances at Coachella, the band stopped by the Late Late Show to chat with James Corden and deliver a performance from the Studio 56 stage.

    First came some couch time, during which frontman Matty Healy talked being inspired by Jamiroquai for their new stage design and forgetting to tell his bandmates he was planning a music festival. They also discussed their Brief Inquiry follow-up, Notes on a Conditional Form, which they’re already working on in the studio and planning to release later this year. Speaking on the drive to record again so soon, Healy explained,

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    “We’re in that age now where you’ll watch the best thing you’ve ever seen on Netflix, and the you’ll be like, ‘That was the best thing I’ve ever seen.’ And then you just want the next thing immediately. And I’m like that with music as well. It feels like, I want to tour for the next two years. And what do you want to do with a band? You want to affect culture. I don’t think you can do that with one record now. You can if you do like, singles. Your Drakes of the world, who are these amazing artist, but they’re very single oriented. That’s about keeping peoples attention for three minutes. That’s not where our forte is, but we want to be as expressive as possible. We make albums, so just gotta make another album.”


    After a break, the band performed their single “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)”. Twin dancers Taitlyn and Kaylee Jaiy were on hand to recreate some moves from the Talking Heads-inspired music video.

    Check out both the performance and the interview below.

    The 1975’s tour includes stops at New York’s Governors Ball, the Gulf Shores’ Hangout, and Madrid’s Mad Cool, among many others. Get tickets to all the band’s upcoming shows here. You can also snag their records on vinyl here.

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