Adult Swim releases Metal Swim 2 compilation featuring Baroness, Sunn O))), and more: Stream

Also boasting new tracks from Eyehategod, Author & Punisher, Alien Weaponry, and more

Metal Swim 2
Metal Swim 2, via Adult Swim

    Last week, the folks at Adult Swim announced the compilation Metal Swim 2, featuring new songs from Baroness, Sunn O))), Eyehategod, and more. At the time, no actual song titles were revealed, but today the full compilation has been released and is available to stream for free (listen below).

    In addition to aforementioned acts, the 15-song comp also includes tracks by Author & PunisherOathbreakerAlien Weaponry, Botanist, The Body, Akvan, Nervosa, Dreadnought, Volahn, Vile Creature, Dark Castle, and a collaboration between Kat Katz (ex-Agoraphobic Nosebleed) and Andy Gibbs of Thou.

    The album artwork (see above) comes courtesy of Becky Cloonan, an Italian comic book creator who became the first female artist to draw the main Batman title in 2012.

    Metal Swim 2 was compiled by Adult Swim producer Laura Sterritt, who stated, “The spirit of metal manifests for listeners in all kinds of ways: as an art form, as an emotional outlet, and just good ol’ fashioned fun. I was excited to curate this group of forerunners from metal’s wide swath of subgenres, so both longtime metalheads and newcomers alike could find something within that resonates with them.”


    See the full tracklist below and click here to stream the entire Metal Swim 2 compilation.

    Metal Swim 2 Tracklist:
    01. “Freakshow” – Nervosa
    02. “Withdraw Yourself” – Dark Castle
    03. “Fereydoon’s Revenge” – Akvan
    04. “A Crude Sectioning” – Author & Punisher
    05. “It Took the Flood” – Dreadnought
    06. “Sounding Stair” – Kat Katz & Andy Gibbs
    07. “El Tigre del Sur” – Volahn
    08. “Front Toward Enemy” – Baroness
    09. “Biomass” – Botanist
    10. “AHI KĀ” – Alien Weaponry
    11. “Harbinger of Nothing” – Vile Creature
    12. “Ease Me” – Oathbreaker
    13. “Three Black Eyes” – Eyehategod
    14. “MIT” – The Body
    15. “End of the Rising” – Sunn O)))

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