Chance the Rapper hints at album release date after getting Wendy’s to bring back spicy chicken nuggets

A campaign for the return of his favorite fast food led to the promise of new music

Chance the Rapper new album july wendys spicy chicken nuggets
Chance the Rapper, photo by David Brendan Hall

    Chance the Rapper woke up on Saturday feeling particularly good. He was set to take on the world, so he posted a manta to Twitter:

    That little plea to the universe sparked a Twitter campaign in the way that only a beloved rapper and a pop culture fast food artifact combined could muster. Wendy’s responded to Chance, delivering a tweet that promised the return of the seasoned hunks of poultry if they could reach two million likes. Less than a day and a half later, that benchmark was surpassed and the return of spicy chicken nuggets to the Wendy’s menu was official.

    And that wasn’t the only thing confirmed by the social media push. In the midst of all of the digital hoopla, Chance used the hashtag #spicychickennuggets to bluntly tweet, “My album comes out in less than two months.” The Chicago MC had previously promised a July release for his Coloring Book follow-up, but saying it’s due in “less than two months” now gives us a firmer timeline. If his and our math is correct and Chance sticks to the typical Friday album release, that means the yet-untitled LP is due out July 5th.

    So what started at as a great weekend for the drive-through crowd quickly became a great day one for hip-hop fans as well. There’s no confirmed word yet on when either the yum-yums or the album are actually due, but consider us in anticipation of both.


    Coloring Book came out back in 2016, as did Chance’s Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama mixtape. He’s since delivered a number of singles, including “My Own Thing” (featuring Joey Purp), “The Man Has Everything”, “Work Out”, and “I Might Need Security”. He’s also reportedly been working on an album with Kanye West, though it’s not known if this July release is that effort.

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