Crawl promises killer gators, Category 5 hurricanes, and underwater claustrophobia in first trailer: Watch

Alejandre Aja's latest creature feature looks brutal and terrifying

Alejandre Aja, Crawl, Trailer, Screenshot
Crawl (Paramount Pictures)

    Alexandre Aja is merciless.

    As he proved with 2003’s High Tension, the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes, and even 2010’s Piranha 3D, the French filmmaker has an affinity for “going there,” and earning that terror in the process, which is why we’re stoked about his latest creature feature, Crawl.

    For starters, when was the last time we got a great killer gator movie? Better yet, when have we ever seen one in a natural disaster epic? That’s essentially the gist of Crawl as we watch a father and daughter fend off the snappy swamp monsters amidst a Category 5 hurricane.

    Today, Paramount dropped the film’s first trailer, and Aja is putting his stars — Kaya Scodelario and the eternally underrated Barry Pepper — through the ringer. It’s brutal, it’s unrelenting, it’s everything we want in a summer horror film.


    So, dive in below.

    Crawl hits theaters on July 12th. It should be noted the film’s produced by Sam Raimi, who knows a thing or two about the genre.

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