Elmer Bernstein’s Ghostbusters score crossing the digital streams for the first time ever

Sony Music is also reissuing the iconic sounds to CD and vinyl with unreleased material

Ghostbusters ecto 1 stay puft marshmallow 1984
Ghostbusters, 1984

    In honor of the film’s 35th anniversary, Sony Music is reissuing the late Elmer Bernstein’s iconic score to 1984’s Ghostbusters on CD and vinyl, while also giving the album its first-ever digital release.

    This is a huge deal for vinyl enthusiasts, however, who’ve been waiting for a proper re-release for years. Well, the wait was worth it as the collection includes a completely new remaster of the original tracks, new artwork, liner notes from son Peter Bernstein, and four previously unreleased tracks.

    “As one of the original orchestrators on Ghostbusters, it has been very satisfying and also very moving to work on this soundtrack release 35 years down the road,” Peter Bernstein says. “It is a great movie with great music and we had a whole lot of fun creating it. I am very pleased to see it released in its original form.”


    Last year, Bernstein and Schirmer Theatrical traveled across the country with the score for a number of Ghostbusters In Concert screenings. Here’s hoping they double-dip now that the actual score is out and fans don’t have to sort through YouTube to find the tracks.

    That tomfoolery ends this summer, though, when the score surfaces on both CD and digital stores on June 7th with the vinyl to follow on July 19th. Pre-orders are currently on-going and you can consult both the cover artwork and the tracklist below.

    In related news, Bill Murray, aka Dr. Peter Venkman, wants to return to the franchise for Jason Reitman’s reboot/legacy sequel, which hits theaters on July 10th, 2020. So be good, for goodness sake, ooooooooooh, somebody’s comin’, somebody’s comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.


    Ghostbusters Original Motion Artwork:

    Ghostbusters, Elmer Bernstein, Score, 1984

    Ghostbusters Original Motion Picture Score:
    01. Ghostbusters Theme
    02. Library
    03. Venkman
    04. Hello
    05. The Best One in Your Row
    06. Get Her!
    07. Plan
    08. Dana’s Theme
    09. Fridge and Sign
    10. Attack
    11. Client
    12. Dana’s Apartment
    13. Same Problem
    14. We Got One
    15. Zuul Part 1
    16. Meeting 1
    17. I Respect You
    18. Who Brought the Dog
    19. Zuul Part 2
    20. Steel Drum
    21. Cross Rip
    22. News
    23. Judgment Day
    24. Mistake
    25. Halls
    26. Ballroom
    27. Trap
    28. Meeting 2
    29. Earthquake
    30. Stairwell
    31. Gozer
    32. Let’s Go
    33. We’re Going to Save the World
    34. Mr. Stay Puft
    35. Final Battle
    36. Finish
    37. Zuul (Album Version)

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