James Cameron congratulates Avengers: Endgame on breaking Titanic’s box-office record

James Cameron's Avatar remains the all-time top grossing film globally, but for how long?

james cameron director the story of science fiction amc
James Cameron // The Story of Science-Fiction (AMC)

    In its first few days of release, Avengers: Endgame demolished pretty much every box office record it was eligible to take. The movie, like the MCU, is a phenomenon, and one that continues to grow in its powers by the day.

    In the U.S., Endgame is already the 7th highest-grossing film of all time, unadjusted for inflation. It’s less than $300 million away from overtaking The Force Awakens as the all-time winner, but whether it can get all the way there in an about-to-be-crowded summer movie landscape remains to be seen.

    Overseas, however, Endgame continues to snowball in momentum, already passing Titanic to become the second highest-grossing movie of all time globally. Incredibly, Avatar remains $516 million ahead as of this publication, but if Endgame can sustain its momentum through the summer, who knows where it will land at this point?


    James Cameron, the director of those two other highest-grossing films, took to Twitter to congratulate Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige (and Marvel in general) on its accomplishment:

    The implication that it was the Avengers who killed hundreds of people in the sinking of the Titanic aside, it’s a classy gesture from the filmmaker better suited than anybody to take on Marvel’s viewership. All he has to do is actually finish all those Avatar sequels.

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