Lil Nas X gives his first TV performance of “Old Town Road” on Desus & Mero: Watch

He also joins the co-hosts for a game of “Country or Nah”

Lil Nas X first TV performance "Old Town Road" on Desus & Mero
Lil Nas X on Desus & Mero

The yeehaw agenda keeps piling accolades on its plate. Rapper Lil Nas X not only got his surprise hit single “Old Town Road” to the top of the Billboard charts, but in its fifth week atop the Hot 100, it’s denied Taylor Swift the No. 1 spot on the charts for her newest single, “ME!”

To celebrate his unexpected chart domination, Lil Nas X finally decided it was time to give his first TV performance of “Old Town Road”. He stopped by Showtime last night to be the musical guest on Desus & Mero.

“It’s amazing,” Lil Nas Z says of being a country superstar. “It’s a dream. It changed everything.” He then goes on to admit he has only performed the song live once — with Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo, no less — before now. Watch his TV debut below.

That’s not all. Before Lil Nas X gave his long-awaited TV performance, he sat down with the co-hosts for a brief interview. The three talked about why he skipped Coachella for Stagecoach, Billy Ray Cyrus backing him up on an extended remix of the song, and the country music controversy that helped propel him to stardom.

He also joined the talk show hosts for an online exclusive game called “Country or Nah”. In it, Desus and Mero bring up various phrases and items with a general southern identity tied to them. Lil Nas X must declare if said items are rooted in country or “nah.” Take it with a grain of salt, as the Billboard chart gods decided Lil Nas X isn’t technically country, after all.

Those of you dying to hear this song live — even if it’s just to do it for the ‘gram — you may have a chance. Lil Nas X is scheduled to perform at Boston Calling later this month and tickets are still available; you can also check the secondary market via StubHub.