Mac DeMarco passionately covers Feist’s “One Evening” on Fallon: Watch

DeMarco honors the "Queen of Canada" backstage at The Tonight Show

Mac DeMarco Feist cover "One Evening" Tonight Show backstage video performance
Mac DeMarco cover Feist backstage on The Tonight Show

    This week marks the arrival of Here Comes the Cowboy, the new album from Mac DeMarco. To support the LP, Canada’s self-described jizz jazzer performed one of its singles, “All of Our Yesterdays”, on The Tonight Show last week. It turns out DeMarco also filmed a cover song session backstage the same evening.

    Footage has now be released and sees DeMarco putting a very passionate spin on “One Evening”, a jazzy cut off the 2004 Feist record, Let It Die. DeMarco also took the time to describe Feist as Canadian royalty. (Yeah, today’s not just about the #RoyalBaby.)

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    “This is a song by the queen of Canada,” he said prior to his cover performance. “Most of you Americans probably don’t realize that we have a queen, but we do. Her name is Leslie Feist. We love you, Les.”


    Watch it below.

    Here Comes the Cowboy arrives this Friday, May 10th. DeMarco recently commented on the controversy surrounding his new album and its similarity in title to Mitski’s own Be the Cowboy. “It’s ridiculous,” he told Huck magazine, playing down the backlash. “It’s just music.”

    Later this week, DeMarco will hit the road for on an extensive tour that runs until November. Grab your tickets here.

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