Mac DeMarco releases new album Here Comes the Cowboy: Stream

Plus, watch the super creepy video for the title track

Mac DeMarco Here Comes the Cowboy album stream
Mac DeMarco

    Mac DeMarco is back, friendo. The slacker rocker has today released his latest album, Here Comes the Cowboy. Stream it now below via Apple Music and Spotify.

    Marking DeMarco’s fourth full-length overall, Cowboy follows 2017’s This Old Dog. Recorded at DeMarco’s own Jizz Jazz Studios in Los Angeles, nearly all of the instruments on the effort were played by the musician himself, save for a few keyboard contributions from touring bandmate Alec Meen.

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    The announcement of Here Comes the Cowboy was met with immediate controversy as many pointed out the ironic similarity between its title and the title of Mitski’s most recent record, Be the Cowboy. Even more, both records feature a single called “Nobody”. However, both artists have spoken on the issue, with Mitski tweeting, “I’m 100% sure mac & I just went fishing in the same part of the collective unconscious!”

    DeMarco, meanwhile, claimed to have never heard Mitski’s album, and later said he wasn’t trying to “troll” her. “Even if I had known, I don’t think I would’ve changed it,” he said, adding that Mitski expressed her own shock at how people stirred controversy. “I didn’t think people were gonna run with it that far. It’s ridiculous. It’s just music.”


    Other singles included “All of Our Yesterdays” and “On the Square”. Stream the full LP below, and catch DeMarco on tour by finding tickets here.

    Update: Watch the new music video for “Here Comes the Cowboy”. Directed by Cole Kush, the animated clip might actually be more jarring than the one for “On the Square”, which saw DeMarco get “intimate” with… milk. There are alien-like creatures plastered with the creepiest of grins, Jim Carrey’s The Mask character masked as a, uhh, park ranger, a manic and flying emoji, and so much more potential stuff for your nightmares. Enjoy… ?

    Here Comes the Cowboy Artwork:

    Mac DeMarco - Here Comes the CowboyHere Comes the Cowboy Tracklist:
    01. Here Comes The Cowboy
    02. Nobody
    03. Finally Alone
    04. Little Dogs March
    05. Preoccupied
    06. Choo Choo
    07. K
    08. Heart to Heart
    09. Hey Cowgirl
    10. On the Square
    11. All of Our Yesterdays
    12. Skyless Moon
    13. Baby Bye Bye

    In anticipation of the new album, DeMarco gave Kyle Meredith With… a ring to discuss his love of soft rock and unapologetically romantic songs. We also hear about artist Henry Flynt’s influence on this record, how moving to Los Angeles affected his writing, jams like on the song “Choo Choo”, the lost art of the hidden track, and how starting his own record label has changed his day-to-day.


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