Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix Talks Summer 2019 Tour, “Elevate”, and Using Struggle as “Fuel for the Positive”

"I’m a firm believer that pain for me has been a necessary element to my growth"

Papa Roach
Papa Roach

    Not many bands are able to consistently release chart-topping songs over the course of two decades, but Papa Roach have achieved that success. From 2000’s breakout single “Last Resort” to this year’s “Elevate,” the California rockers have stood the test of time.

    Papa Roach are hitting the road this summer on a headlining tour with Asking Alexandria and Bad Wolves, and frontman Jacoby Shaddix says fans who come to the shows will be treated to a night filled with music from the band’s full catalog, including songs from their 2019 album, Who Do You Trust?

    “We’re going to do a career-spanning set from beginning to end, and it’s going be a straight throwdown,” frontman Jacoby Shaddix tells Heavy Consequence.

    Papa Roach’s upcoming tour is part of Live Nation’s National Concert Week promotion, which runs until May 7th, offering discounted tickets at $20 and even lower for some of the biggest tours of the summer and fall. Papa Roach, Shinedown, Disturbed, Ghost, Slipknot, Korn, Alice in Chains, and Mastodon are just a few of the acts participating in this year’s promotion. For details and a comprehensive list of participating acts, go here, and see Papa Roach’s full tour itinerary here.


    Shaddix spoke with Heavy Consequence about the upcoming tour, the significant meaning behind the band’s latest single, “Elevate”, and why he’s forever grateful to live the creative life he has in Papa Roach.

    On Papa Roach’s music video for 2000’s “Last Resort” recently surpassing 100 million YouTube views

    It’s a lot of views! (Laughs) It’s pretty cool to know that we have a cult classic in our arsenal of songs, and I’m very grateful for that.

    On the band’s upcoming tour and what makes summer concerts a unique experience

    I think there’s something special about summer tours and the energy that’s in the air. The younger folks that are coming out — it’s part of a coming-of-age thing. I remember going to concerts back in the day when I was a teenager in the summertime, and those memories are so vivid. I remember what I was wearing to those shows, who I was hanging out with, the girl I had a crush on — all those moments. There were a lot of firsts for me at that time. To be one of those summer tours rolling out where kids are going to experience some of their firsts—I think it’s great. We’re very much looking forward to doing this run.


    You have a lot of choices to see live bands, but I will tell you this straight up: Papa Roach, we throw it down 110 percent every time, and it’s going to be a great show from beginning to end. We have Bad Wolves opening up and Asking Alexandria as direct support, and we’re the headliners on these shows, so we’re going to be putting on a really special performance.

    On his favorite song to play live off Who Do You Trust?

    Right now, it’s got to be either “Feel Like Home” or “Not the Only One”, just because the energy level explodes on both of those songs. There’s something about performing that music and the instant reaction from the fans and the excitement that gets me off.

    On the current state of rock music

    Rock ‘n’ roll is a lifestyle — it’s a culture. People have a lot of interesting things to say about it, and I look at it, and it’s so strong, in my opinion, because so many other genres pick and steal form rock ‘n’ roll. We might not be on the front cover of every magazine, but if you look at how these hip-hop or pop kids are influenced by punk-rock and hard rock and heavy metal, it’s trippy to see these kids wearing all these patched up pants and edgy styles, and I’m like, “You know where that came from, right?” I think it’s exciting.


    On the band’s current single, “Elevate,” and the meaning behind the song

    I think one of the messages that’s really important for us to give our fans is out of the darkness, into the light, and taking a negative and turning it into a positive. It’s the old saying of taking a lemon and making it lemonade. I’m a firm believer that pain for me has been a necessary element to my growth, and I think sometimes, people get it twisted and think, “I don’t want to feel this darkness or sadness,” but I think it’s necessary for us to grow. It’s either going to break you or build you.

    For me, pain and struggle are something to use as fuel for the positive, and I think that message is very important for people right now. Especially for the youth of this world, they need to know that pain is not only necessary, but it’s fuel for the fire to become better, stronger and more significant.

    On being able to explore various genres within Papa Roach

    I get to do everything I want to do with Papa Roach. I think that’s why our style is all over the place. Within this band, we have the freedom to explore a lot of creative spaces, so I don’t feel the need to start another band to express some creative thing that I’m not able to do with Papa Roach. Just listen to the new record. One minute, we’re going straight hip-hop with “Elevate”, and then a couple of songs later, we’re playing straight punk-rock with “I Suffer Well”, and then quirky rock music with “Not the Only One” and then grinding, ill, throw-down renegade music with “Who Do You Trust?” I feel really fortunate to be able to be in a band where I can explore all those territories in one record.


    On looking back at a quarter century in Papa Roach

    To be 26 years into being in Papa Roach and to still be enjoying this thing and creating music videos and music and art that’s still relevant and exciting, I couldn’t ask for much more.


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