The Queer Eye squad give a dog a makeover in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day: Watch

Pep talks and pup talks, the Queer Eye boys are masters of both

Queer Eye Adoption Dogs Netflix
Queer Eye cast with Lacey the dog

    Queer Eye is already responsible for bringing some truly heartwarming moments to Netflix. The new Fab Five have been touching lives all over the country as they spread acceptance of LGBTQIA+ folks and the knowledge that you shouldn’t wear camouflage on the daily. However, on a recent mini-episode, Tan FranceJonathan Van NessAntoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, and Bobby Berk turned their attention from people to pets, making over a dog in honor of National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day.

    The boys headed to New York City to shoot the delightful clip with a sweet three-year-old, 30-pound blonde canine named Lacey, who was nominated by Rosie from the North Shore Animal League America. As with all the makeover clients on Queer Eye, Lacey has overcome a sad backstory, with the pupper facing euthanasia at a municipal shelter in Tennessee before being rescued and beginning her search for her forever home.

    Lacey gets the traditional one-on-one time with each of the boys. First up, Antoni instructs viewers on how to make homemade dog biscuits. The highlight of the episode may be Jonathon Van Ness’ segment, whose assessment of Lacey’s hair styling is beyond sweet and sincere (but what else is new?). He exclaims, “You are serving me glamour. You are serving me a calm, regal sophistication, hunny.”


    Karamo parodies his heartfelt pep talks, encouraging Lacey to tell her new owners that she provides “unconditional love and support, especially to people who have loneliness, anxiety, stress” while being a great “cuddle buddy.” Bobby offers advice on how to maintain dog beds, while during her fashion session with Tan, Lacey takes matters into her own hands, hopping up on a table to choose her own accessories.

    Most importantly, the video follows up with Lacey post-adoption, where we meet her new forever parents. While the waterworks might not spout off like they did when A.J. read his coming out letter in Season 1, Episode 4, the puppy makeover is still sure to serve you up some feels. Watch it for yourself below.

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