Shaft soundtrack deluxe reissue to feature rare original film music plus Isaac Hayes’ soundtrack

With liner notes from Questlove

Shaft soundtrack deluxe reissue Isaac Hayes

With a new Shaft movie on the way pairing three generations of bad mother-shut-your-mouths, Craft Recordings is celebrating the 1971 original with a new reissue of the soundtrack. Due out June 14th, the deluxe version features rare music from the film in addition to Isaac Hayes’ beloved, Grammy-winning Shaft album.

Many aren’t aware that Hayes’ Shaft OST and the music he wrote for the film don’t actually match up. The “Soul Man” penned a number of moody instrumentals, such as the classic “Theme from Shaft” and “Do Your Thing”, which he recorded at MGM Studios in Culver City, California between tour dates. Two months later, after wrapping his tour, he hit the iconic Stax studios to re-record many of the songs. It’s those recordings that became the landmark Shaft album most fans know and love.

It wasn’t until a 2008 box set that the music present in the film itself was actually released. Now, some 48 years after the original film release, both collections of music will be available in one place.

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The 37-track, remastered deluxe edition will be presented as two CDs and limited to just 5,000 copies worldwide. A single-disc version featuring only Hayes’ well-known soundtrack will also be available.

The Roots’ Questlove penned the liner notes for the deluxe version. In his in-depth dissertation on Hayes music, he wrote,

“Hayes was a specialist at mood music, in the sense that he knew how to employ orchestration and tempo to elicit emotions from his listening audience. ‘Bumpy’s Lament’ is sad and contemplative, a perfect match for Gunn’s gangster, worried about the fate of his daughter. ‘Walk to Regio’s’ approximates downtown energy with a pulsing bass and a chirping guitar that opens up into a fully orchestrated section. ‘Do Your Thing’ is another straightforward song, brassy and sultry.”

Pre-order the album via the Stax website. Find the artwork and full tracklist below.

Shaft – Music from the Soundtrack Deluxe Reissue Artwork:Shaft deluxe edition soundtrack reissueShaft – Music from the Soundtrack Deluxe Reissue Artwork:

Disc 1 – Original Soundtrack
01. Theme From Shaft
02. Bumpy’s Lament
03. Walk From Regio’s
04. Ellie’s Love Theme
05. Shaft’s Cab Ride
06. Café Regio’s
07. Early Sunday Morning
08. Be Yourself
09. A Friend’s Place
10. Soulsville
11. No Name Bar
12. Bumpy’s Blues
13. Shaft Strikes Again
14. Do Your Thing
15. The End Theme

Disc 2 – Film Score
01. Theme From Shaft [Film Version]
02. Shaft’s First Fight
03. Reel 2 Part 2 / Cat Oughta Be Here
04. Bumpy’s Lament [Film Version]
05. Soulsville [Film Version]
06. Ellie’s Love Theme [Film Version]
07. Shaft’s Cab Ride [Film Version] / Shaft Enters Building
08. I Can’t Get Over Losin’ You
09. Reel 4 Part 6
10. Reel 5 Part 1
11. A Friend’s Place [Film Version]
12. Bumpy’s Blues [Film Version]
13. Bumpy’s Lament (Reprise) [Film Version]
14. Early Sunday Morning [Film Version]
15. Do Your Thing [Film Version]
16. Be Yourself [Film Version]
17. No Name Bar [Film Version]
18. Shaft Strikes Again [Film Version] / Return Of Shaft
19. Café Regio’s [Film Version]
20. Walk From Regio’s [Film Version]
21. Shaft’s Pain
22. Rescue / The End Theme [Film Version]


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