Taylor Swift answers Burning Questions, chats Cats and Avengers: Endgame on Ellen: Watch

The pop star also touched on her "rebellious" teenage years and offered an update on her new album

Taylor Swift on Ellen DeGeneres Burning questions tv interview
Taylor Swift on Ellen

    After not doing any press around Reputation, Taylor Swift is sure keeping herself in the spotlight on this latest cycle. Since inking a deal with Republic Records last year, she’s waded into politics, claimed Game of Thrones inspired her last record, and duetted with Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie on the painfully cloying non-No. 1 single “ME!”. Today, she made her first appearance on daytime TV in two years, returning to Ellen after a four-year absence.

    The pop star didn’t drop much exciting info for fans in terms of new music, refusing to even name her forthcoming single. She did say, however, that she finished with her new full-length, though she added, “Unless I write something else, and then I’ll probably put it on the album.”

    Instead, she talked quite a lot about her new kitten, Benjamin Button, whom she adopted after using him as a prop in the “ME!” video. “I’ve never really experienced a cat that the second I held this little kitten, he started purring like a motor,” she said. Apparently, the feline doesn’t get along too well with his new siblings, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. (Drama!) That led to a discussion about her upcoming role in the Cats film adaptation, specifically how obsessed she was with going to “cat school” even when she wasn’t needed.


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    Elsewhere, she Taylor-splained the concept of easter eggs (later revealing she’d actually dropped one during the interview) and seemed genuinely disappointed that she wasn’t asked to be a part of Avengers: Endgame despite fans theorizing that she was. (You don’t get to be part of every bit of pop culture, Taytay.) She also seemed befuddled that someone might not shave their legs daily, something she does because shaving cream is essentially soap and that’s how she washes her legs. (Um, is it though?)

    Finally, during a round of Burning Questions, she revealed that her favorite TV shows include Killing Eve and GoT, discovered she may actually have Sleep Eating Disorder, said she had her first kiss at 15, and labeled Rhode Island as her favorite vacation destination (she owns a $17.75 million mansion in West Hill). She also claimed her most rebellious act as a teenager was “putting Joe Jonas on blast” on Ellen when she was 18. Ya know, like how most youthful defiance comes from calling out your superstar ex-boyfriend on national TV.

    Watch all the segments below.


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