Do’h! The Simpsons hit an all-time low in ratings

Matt Groening's long-running series just wrapped its 30th season

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The Simpsons (20th Century Fox)

    Trouble has hit our favorite town of Springfield … again.

    On Sunday night, The Simpsons wrapped up its 30th season on Fox, only it was hardly ceremonious. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the episode nabbed the series’ lowest ratings ever for its 18-49 rating with a staggering 0.5.

    What’s worse, with only 1.44 million viewers, it was also a low for Fox, who has already committed to two more seasons of what has now become the longest-running primetime scripted series of all time.

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    It’s not like it was an average episode, either, seeing how it was a season finale with special guests such as Illeana Douglas, Werner Herzog, and Jenny Slate. Perhaps they can blame Game of Thrones?


    Even so, the ratings decline should still give Fox something to chew on, especially in the wake of the Disney takeover. As we previously reported, the future of Matt Groening’s animated family is up in the air beyond the 32nd season and the series may be more lucrative off the air for the Mouse House.

    In other words, maybe now is the time to have a cow, man.

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