This Heat’s catalog coming to streaming platforms for the first time

Including the rock pioneers' 1979 self-titled debut and 1981's Deceit

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This Heat

    The iconic catalog of experimental rockers This Heat is finally coming to streaming platforms this summer.

    Beginning in July, the English band’s material will be made available online and in digital formats for the first time, according to The Quietus. Their 1979 self-titled debut and 1981’s Deceit, both considered classic records that went on to inspire the likes of Radiohead and Sonic Youth, will be part of the plan, as will the group’s two EPs.

    This Heat was active from the mid-70s through about 1982. Along with the aforementioned bands, Massive Attack, Animal Collective, Hot Chip, Caribou, and Danny Brown have either covered This Heat or cited them as pioneers whose music — which often blended free-jazz, math-rock, post-punk, and prog — was way ahead of its time.

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    This Heat’s Gareth Williams died from cancer in 2001. Remaining members Charles Hayward and Charles Bullen then reconvened in 2016 to form This Is Not This Heat, a band that would continue This Heat’s legacy by performing their original music. They’ve since played all over the world in cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Barcelona, and New York.


    That being said, it appears that This Is Not This Heat may not be around for much longer. Earlier this year, Hayward and Bullen announced that they’d be playing their final London concert. It’s set for May 25th at the city’s Albany venue and goes down just a few weeks before This Heat’s entire discography is scheduled to hit Spotify, Apple Music, and other online platforms.

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    “This Is Not This Heat has been a fantastic experience revisiting the music from 40 years ago and playing to audiences across the world,” Hayward stated back in January. “But moving forward has always been deep inside the music and we need to resolve that contradiction. To play our final London gig at the Albany feels right, This Heat played Rock Against Racism gigs at the old building and we look forward to returning to South London and a vibrant community of resistance and creativity.”

    While we await this epic drop, revisit Deceit tracks “Paper Hats” and “S.P.Q.R.”, as well as fan-caught footage from a recent This Is Not This Heat show in LA.


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