Hayden Thorpe on the Balance of Ego and Superstition

The Wild Beasts co-founder goes deep into his anticipated solo debut, Diviner

This Must Be the Gig featuring Hayden Thorpe

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This Must Be the Gig is taking a break from their episodes recorded at Moogfest to bring you an interview with the lovely Hayden Thorpe.

A co-founder of the now-defunct Wild Beasts, Thorpe’s sterling falsetto and impassioned lyrics bring emotional depth to every listen. That much is apparent on his debut solo album, Diviner, due out this Friday, May 24th via Domino. 

Thorpe talks to host Lior Phillips about the therapeutic effects of writing on the piano, how songs can serve as an antenna to other consciousnesses, the balance of ego and superstition in songwriting, and, of course, his very first concert.

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