Tyra Banks’ rant gets remixed in new King Princess track “We Were All Rooting for You, Sis”: Stream

Quoth King Princess, "You have to be fierce"

king princess tyra banks we were all rooting for you remix
King Princess

    King Princess has thrown it back to the good old days of America’s Next Top Model with her newest release “We Were All Rooting for You, Sis (how dare you)”.

    Coming in at only two minutes, the first third of the song features a psychedelic, experimental remix of Tyra Banks’ now-legendary and highly memed blowup at ANTM contestant Tiffany Richardson in 2005. In a brilliant move, the latter half of the song drops into a hypnotic, house-inspired beat, with the burgeoning pop star sing-chants of “You have to be fierce” working into the backing rhythm. Appropriately, samples of Banks admonishing, “I think that’s what you can’t handle,” as well as a new clip that reminds “I think you need to put some gratitude into your attitude, girl,” are worked in throughout.

    Listen to the meme-worthy track below.

    Earlier in the year, King Princess teamed with Fiona Apple to release an updated version of “I Know”. The collaboration followed the release of her debut EP, last April’s Make My Bed, and standalone single in September, “Pussy Is God”.

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