Win Samson’s G-Track Pro all-in-one USB condenser mic, audio interface, and mixer

The one device you'll ever need for professional quality podcasting, music recording, and gaming/streaming needs

Win Samson's G-Track Pro all-in-one USB condenser mic, audio interface, and mixer
Samson’s G-Track Pro

    With the rise of home recording and podcasting, everyone’s into audio these days. But doing it right often means spending a hefty chunk of change on a formidable amount of gear and cables. It can be overwhelming… but what if there was one, easily portable piece of equipment that could not only allow you to do it all, but do it anywhere?

    Enter the Samson G-Track Pro, the all-in-one USB device that’s at once a condenser mic, an audio interface, and a mixer.

    It starts with the mic, a 1-inch large-diaphragm condenser with three selectable pickups: cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional. A mic gain control on the front panel lets you optimize your sound for whatever the situation, whether podcasting, recording music, or even gaming. For the musically inclined, the built-in audio interface lets you plug in any instrument with a 1/4-inch output. Switch between mono and two-track recording to track vocals and instruments together or separately. To achieve the perfect mix, plug in your 1/8-inch headphones for zero-latency playback and use the mixing interface controls to set all the levels perfectly.

    No matter what your goal, the Samson G-Track Pro can help you achieve it simply and beautifully. To get you ready to record, we’re giving away one (1) Samson G-Track Pro to one of our luckiest readers. Enter by filling out the widget below.


    Samson GTrack

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    Check out an informative demo video to see all you can do with the G-Track Pro below.

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