BTS and Charli XCX join forces on “Dream Glow”: Stream

Taken from the soundtrack to BTS World, a new mobile video game

Charli XCX with BTS
Charli XCX with BTS, photo via allkpop

    Fans always want to get their hands on the boys of BTS, and now they’ll get their chance for real. The K-Pop phenoms have announced the release of BTS World, a mobile video game that will let players manage the boyband’s career. Even more exciting, BTS World boasts a soundtrack featuring fresh music from the group, including a new collaboration with Charli XCX.

    “Dream Glow”, the first track to be released from the soundtrack, is a collaboration between the UK pop darling and BTS members Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook. A fittingly dreamy, synth-led number, the track sees the singers’ voices woven together throughout. Unlike how Halsey was relegated to fills on the K-Pop group’s recent smash, “Boy With Luv”, Charli XCX gets a full verse to herself — and the opening one at, that. “I spend my whole life following the night time/ Can’t see the stop sign what you gonna say (hey),” she sings. “Wandering quietly right into my dreams/ It’s all that I see what you gonna say (hey).”

    Take a listen below.

    BTS World is due out June 25th in the US (the 26th in Japan) from Netmarble Corp., which just became the second-largest shareholder in Big Hit Entertainment, the company behind BTS. Play a mini-game demo now at the game’s official website. No word yet on when or if the full BTS World soundtrack will be released in full. However, the listing for “Dream Glow” says it comes from the BTS Original Soundtrack (Pt. 1), implying we’ll not only get a full release, but multiple ones.


    The new music follows BTS’ smash EP, Map of the Soul: Persona, as well as Jin’s recent solo track “Tonight”.

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