Stephen King’s The Langoliers Disappears Into Boring Air

The Losers' Club catches a red-eye and gets lost in the novella's pages

The Langoliers
The Langoliers

“You’re dead, George. You just don’t have the sense to lie down.”

Constant Listeners, run, don’t walk, and make your way to Gate 2B. The flight to Boston is about to leave and trust us when we say you don’t want to be stuck in Los Angeles.

Are you seated? Good. Now you can join Losers Justin Gerber, Lara Unnerstall, and Dan Pfleegor as they take the red-eye and discuss the maddening science and horror of The Langoliers. Without spoiling too much, the first novel of Stephen King’s 1990 collection, Four Past Midnight, has proven rather polarizing.

Listen above and return next week when the Losers head to the theater and catch its 1995 miniseries adaptation starring Dean Stockwell, David Morse, and Bronson Pinchot. In the meantime, please show your support by leaving us a review on iTunes.


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