Gallant channels Prince on new song “Sharpest Edges”: Stream

Our first official preview of his forthcoming sophomore album

gallant "sharpest edges" new song release R&B music stream
Gallant “Sharpest Edges” artwork

Gallant has evolved substantially in the three years since his Grammy-nominated debut album, Ology. Fans got their first hints at this on his 2018 solo singles, “Doesn’t Matter” and “Gentleman”, as well as his Sufjan Stevens collaboration “TOOGOODTOBETRUE”. The R&B singer is now offering another glimpse at his musical growth with today’s “Sharpest Edges”.

Rather than use his svelte croon to quietly soothe as he’s done in the past, the 27-year-old has decided to take a page out of Prince’s Guidebook to Groove. Over funky yet sensual production by Stint, Gallant employs his falsetto to issue a cautionary tale about the dangers of love. “You’ve got the sharpest edges I’ve ever seen,” he repeats to a partner.

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In a statement, Gallant explained his thoughts on the single:

“There are two sides to every coin — a bunch of caskets buried underneath every vacation home. I had problems with depression for a long time because even though you get to choose your own outlook on life, it’s hard sometimes to ignore the bad shit, the mistakes you made and the things you could have done better. It’s easier to admit the world is full of sharp edges — and to make a goal to have as many close calls as you can.”

Hear “Sharpest Edges” below.

“Sharpest Edges” is said to be the lead single from Gallant’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album. The crooner will play at a number of festivals in the coming months, including Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas and Afropunk Atlanta, with more headlining dates to be announced for later this year.