Bash Brother Jose Canseco joins The Lonely Island for “Jose & Mark” at Summerfest: Watch

The former Oakland A's came out for The Bash Brothers Experience track

The Lonely Island with Jose Canseco Jose & Mark Summerfest Akiva Schaffer Andy Samberg
The Lonely Island with Jose Canseco, photo via Instagram/@thelonelyisland

    Last month, The Lonely Island returned out of nowhere with the unexpected and ridiculously funny The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience. The Netflix special and accompanying album recounts the rise and fall of Oakland A’s infamous Bash Brothers, aka the now disgraced baseball greats Jose Canseco and Mark McGuire. Andy Samberg played Canseco, while a curly-wigged Akiva Schaffer took on the role of McGuire. Despite the fact that the whole thing rips the two juicers for years of steroid use, the real Jose Canseco actually loved the parody.

    Following the film’s release, Canseco tweeted that he’d love to join the comedy trio for a follow-up video, even going so far as to completely dox his manager by publicly revealing his phone number. It seems The Lonely Island dudes were so ecstatic about the response that they did indeed reach out to Canseco, who ended up joining them on stage at this weekend’s Summerfest in Milwaukee.

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    “Oh my god, he’s going to kill us,” screamed Samberg as the bulky slugger came out with a bat during “Jose & Mark.” But Canseco wasn’t there to bash: “I’m not going to kill you. I’m not even here to hurt you. But you know what? You’re doing this wrong. I’m going to show you how to do this the right way.”


    He then proceeded to do the opening chant from the song, as you can see in the video below.

    The Lonely Island’s tour has been full of guest moments like this, so see what else they have in store by snagging tickets to their upcoming dates here.

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