The Seinfeld Experience to open in New York City this fall

The activation celebrates 30 years of a show about nothing

The Seinfeld Experience Opening in NYC
The Seinfeld Experience

    Here’s a true Festivus for the rest of us: The Seinfeld Experience will open this Fall in New York City. Superfly and Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced the ticketed attraction this morning which will serve as both an immersive event and a retail shop. The activation celebrates the show’s 30th anniversary and will operate seven days a week through February 2020.

    “We’re thrilled to bring The Seinfeld Experience to life in an innovative way, combining nostalgia with immersive entertainment, and getting fans closer than ever before to the show and its beloved characters,” Superfly co-founder Jonathan Mayers said. “A show as iconic as Seinfeld should be celebrated with an experience that truly matches its legacy and enduring influence.”

    However, unlike the show about nothing, this attraction certainly has something. Fans will be able to shuffle through interactive exhibits featuring costumes, memorabilia, set re-creations, and props from the show. Naturally, they’ll also be able to purchase exclusive, limited-edition merchandise that should prompt your friends to come over with boxed wine and turkey.


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    “Because I am Seinfeld, for a long time I was the only person to actually have the Seinfeld experience,” Jerry Seinfeld added in a very Jerry Seinfeld way.  “Now, these crazy Superfly people are going to make it so lots of people can interact with our silly ’90s TV show. All I can say is, in the general context of the world we live in, this now seems completely normal.”

    This isn’t the first time Seinfeld has crossed over from the screen and into reality. Back in 2015, Hulu replicated Jerry’s apartment as a promotional pop-up. However, this will be a much more elaborate experience.

    Grab a bowl of cereal and visit the official site for ticketing information.

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