PUP on Quitting Their Day Jobs and Staying Sane as Punks

Stefan Babcock and Zack Mykula discuss the incremental success of underdog punk life

PUP, This Must Be the Gig

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Life on the road can be tough for any band, but few would be so eager as to name a song “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will”.

While that title might make it seem like PUP are a ball of tension, the Canadian punk outfit balance that frenetic energy with real joy and a vibrant sense of humor. That’s a heady combination readily available in PUP’s latest excellent album, Morbid Stuff.

This week, host Lior Phillips chats with Stefan Babcock and Zack Mykula, who call in to discuss how they keep spirits up in the van, how bands like Thursday and The Flatliners inspired them, quitting day jobs, and the incremental success of underdog punk life.

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