Woodstock 50 applies for permit at new, smaller venue with no campgrounds

A Virgin executive may help produce the event, too

Woodstock 50

With barely two months until its scheduled date, Woodstock 50 made new moves to stay afloat. The festival has applied for a new site to host the event. Plus, its co-owners are in talks with festival veteran Jason Felts to help produce Woodstock 50.

Earlier this month, Woodstock 50 organizers revealed they were looking at alternative venues to host the festival. It turns out they’ve since applied to host it at Vernon Downs, a plot of land that operates as a “racino,” hotel, and horse racing track in Oneida County, Variety reports. It has hosted music festivals in the past, including two Phish shows in 1998, though it doesn’t offer any camping options. That means festival-goers would have to drive to the location (it’s a four-hour drive from New York City) or be bussed in from surrounding camping sites.

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The potential new site at Vernon Downs can hold 45,000-50,000 people. That’s a major decrease from the previous location Woodstock 50 was supposed to be held at. Watkins Glen International raceway, the original location that pulled out of the festival earlier this month, holds about 70,000 people.

Meanwhile, Jason Felts is in talks with Woodstock 50 to help revive the event, though he has yet to make a final decision. In the interim, Felts is serving as “a consultant to determine the event’s feasibility, due diligence needs, and operational and financial assessment,” reports Billboard. Felts is the CEO of Virgin Produced, an entertainment branch of Virgin Group that produces KAABOO festival in southern California.

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It looks like Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang’s claims that the festival would go on after being canceled weren’t in vain. At least they won’t go down without a fight, even if it means having Donald Trump’s attorney at your side.

Throughout all of this, Woodstock has been marketing anniversary box sets and special vinyl collections like nothing is wrong. Then again, Woodstock was always proud to be somewhat of a mess from its inception.


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