André 3000 won’t stop playing the flute, serenades locals all over Philadelphia

The Outkast member has also been seen and heard in New York and Los Angeles

andre 3000 flute photos philadelphia nyc
André 3000 in Philly with his flute

André 3000 was famously spotted playing his flute at an airport earlier in the summer. Turns out the sighting was more than just a one-off moment of musical serendipity. The Outkast rapper has apparently been serenading random strangers with his woodwind skills all over Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, locals have eyed André 3000 at “least a dozen times” throughout the City of Brotherly Love, including at a Whole Foods and a local craft store. The Atlanta native born André Benjamin was also seen playing his flute on the steps of a church, by the Liberty Bell landmark, and on a street corner near this year’s Netroots Nation political convention. Residents of NYC and LA have reported hearing his fluting in their cities as well.

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Naturally, fans have been left in total awe by the MC’s surprise appearances and flautist skills. “I looked at [Benjamin] and he looked at me and I was in total shock,” Dayna Allen told The Inquirer after seeing André 3000 at an LA airport before boarding the same flight to Philly. “I immediately regretted not saying anything [at the restaurant], because it was like he wanted to be recognized.”

“Wasn’t tripping. It’s him,” Philly resident Russ Jackson tweeted after seeing the Outkast member out and about. Per Jackson’s retelling, André 3000 told him that he’d learned to play the flute just a few years ago and was in the city for two weeks to film a TV project. “3 Stacks in the flesh,” Jackson added, “and his flute game is A-1.”

Basically Where’s Waldo? needs to move aside, ’cause there’s a new celebrity in town and his name is André 3000. And instead of a cane, the man carries around a giant wooden flute.

Below, check out various photos of André 3000 and his flute.