Breaking Bad co-stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul launch mezcal company

And yes, it's called Dos Hombres

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are back in business
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have reunited for a real-life business opportunity — one that’s less Breaking Bad and more Entourage. Yes, the two co-stars are putting their on-screen talents to the test with a new mezcal company they’ve dubbed Dos Hombres.

“We had the time of our lives while shooting Breaking Bad and truly built a very special bond,” they explained in a statement via Instagram. “Knowing that we couldn’t share the screen for quite a while – our thoughts turned to a new project. We sipped cocktails and thought about what it should be.”

The two came up with the idea over a sushi dinner in New York City, and like Walter and Jesse, they’ve gone out of their way to achieve perfection. Whether or not that has included hospital explosions, the deaths of loved ones, or a complete betrayal of family values has yet to be confirmed.

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“After that dinner we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads,” they continued. “So, we started traveling to Oaxaca to see if we could find it, and we mean it had to be ‘it,’ something so damn good even people who don’t think they like Mezcal will love it. It had to be perfect or we weren’t going to do it.”

Like their treacherous turns throughout New Mexico, Cranston and Paul “searched high and low” over Oaxaca. “It was on a dirt-road, in tiny village, hours away from the center of town, we found it and it was perfect,” they explained. “Holy shit it was perfect. We looked at each other and just simply nodded.”

It’s certainly a case of life imitating art. Even so, there’s no denying the disappointment fans are probably feeling right now after they spent the last week or so speculating that the co-stars’ teases had something to do with the forthcoming Breaking Bad sequel.

Well, now we know what to drink when Jesse Pinkman truly returns.