Couple engages in oral sex at Behemoth concert, and frontman Nergal approves

"It feels good to know that Behemoth is corrupting legions on soooo many levels!"

Behemoth, photo by Kevin RC Wilson

Lots of crazy things go down in a pit at a metal show, but even frontman Nergal was blown away by what went down during Behemoth’s set at Roskilde Festival over the weekend in Denmark.

Nergal shared video on Instagram of the last few seconds of the encounter (watch below), but according to the frontman, a couple was engaged in oral sex for a “good 5-10 minutes” in the middle of the pit as Behemoth rocked the massive festival crowd.

The extreme-metal band’s leader offered a full description of the episode, writing the following:

“Well, I’m no veteran but I’ve seen things. I’ve seen a lot… yesterday we wrapped up a festival season at the legendary Roskilde Festival in Denmark. The show was really good, pretty tight and with a passionate response from local viking squad. I’m happy to see ANY reaction to our music really. I’m good with anything but indifference. I’m ok with a lil dose of violence, people throwing pieces of their wardrobe, ppl flipping me off, bulling me, girls showing titties… it’s ALL good! But in my almost 30 year career I’ve NEVER seen a couple making out right in front of stage in the epicenter of the fuckin’ pit! Holy shit! Half naked lady was kneeling in front of half naked dude blowing him for good 5-10 minutes while he was raising fists and singing along to our love songs! How cool is that hm?!? It feels good to know that Behemoth is corrupting legions on soooo many levels! LOVE IS THE LAW, DEPRAVATION LEVEL PRO.”

Behemoth are continuing to tour in support of 2018’s stellar album, I Loved You at Your Darkest. When we interviewed Nergal last year, we mentioned that some fans on social media were saying that the LP’s title made it sound more like an emo album title than an extreme-metal effort. He responded, “Ten seconds of the new Behemoth album would probably kill 100 emo kids.” Watch that video interview below.

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Fans can catch Behemoth in North America this summer as part of the Knotfest Roadshow, headlined by Slipknot and also featuring Volbeat and Gojira. That trek kicks off July 26th in Mountain View, California.