Eddie Vedder joins The Who to perform “The Punk and The Godfather” at Wembley Stadium: Watch

Plus, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend debut a new song called "Hero Ground Zero"

The Who Eddie Vedder The Punk and The Godfather Wembley Stadium London
The Who with Eddie Vedder

Roger Daltrey may only have five years left on his voice, but he’s going to make the most of it while he can. Over the weekend, The Who brought their “Moving On! Tour” to London’s Wembley Stadium for a massive gig featuring Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Kaiser Chiefs, and Imelda May as opening acts. To the delight of the crowd (and the relief of Daltrey’s vocals), Vedder joined The Who during their headlining set to sing along on “The Punk and The Godfather”.

While this is far from the first time Vedder has shared the stage with The Who, it was certainly no less special for the Seattle singer. As Rolling Stone points out, he once said 1973’s Quadrophenia, on which “The Punk and The Godfather” is featured, “saved my life. It was something I could catch, because for some reason it seemed like I could not relate to anyone in the world. With no one in my school and certainly with no one in my house, and all of a sudden, this London guy named Pete came in who knew everything that was going on in my life.”

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Daltrey echoed that sentiment when he welcomed Vedder to join him for the performance. “He’s going to share this song with me because he knows where it came from,” The Who frontman said before turning to Vedder. “[Which] one were you? I was the one with the stutter.”

“No,” replied Vedder. “I’m still the punk!”

Elsewhere during the show, The Who reportedly debuted a pair of cuts from their upcoming studio album called “Guantanamo” and “Hero Ground Zero”.

Watch fan-captured footage of the aforementioned performances below.

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