Pitchfork Music Festival and Young Chicago Authors Discuss Festival Season’s Impact on the Community

Featuring interviews with festival director Adam Krefman, booking manager Nicholas Ward, and teaching artist E'Mon Lauren

Pitchfork Music Festival and Young Chicago Authors, This Must Be the Gig

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This week’s episode of This Must Be the Gig is sponsored by BandBox.

With festival season in full swing, this week’s episode offers a peak into what makes one of these massive musicals tick. Our first interview of the week features Pitchfork’s executive director of festivals and activations, Adam Krefman.

In addition to offering a preview of this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival, Adam calls in to chat about everything from how he and his team can keep offering more and more options and massive lineups, the festival’s connections to the surrounding community, and partnerships with local charities and organizations—including Young Chicago Authors.

Speaking of which, our second interview comes to you from the offices of Young Chicago Authors—an organization known internationally for its connections to artists ranging from Chance the Rapper to Jamila Woods. But equally importantly, it should be known for its work using creative writing to help young people from all backgrounds to understand the power of their stories and make an impact on their community.

From poetry and rap workshops to open mics, Young Chicago Authors is a crackling hub of expression and performance. This week, booking manager Nicholas Ward and teaching artist E’mon Lauren chat about how poetry changed their lives, the sociopolitical power of performance, and hosting performances on-stage at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival.

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