Woman recites Linkin Park lyric to help save man’s life

The good samaritan shared a line from "One More Light" to calm a man sitting on the ledge of an overpass

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington
Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, photo by Philip Cosores

When a good samaritan saw a man sitting on the ledge of a highway overpass earlier this year, she turned to a Linkin Park lyric to help comfort him, according to a new video produced by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

Cristina Settanni, a healthcare worker, stopped her car on the shoulder of the road while driving on Florida’s State Road 408 in February after she saw the troubled man sitting precariously. She then climbed over a barrier to sit next to him on the ledge of the overpass.

“I stopped because I’ve been where he was,” she explained in the video (watch below). “So, I know what it’s like to stand on the ledge and think that’s your only option. He needed somebody to show that somebody cared enough to stop, and tell him he didn’t need to do that today.”

She added, “There was a moment he moved forward, and I did kind of move towards him, like, ‘Nope, you go, I go.'”

That’s when she shared a lyric from Linkin Park’s “One More Light” to comfort the man, whose identity has been withheld to protect his privacy. Settanni recited the line, “Who cares if one more light goes out? In a sky of a million stars … Well I do.” The words apparently impacted the man emotionally, with Settanni recalling, “I don’t know if it just clicked with him, but he just cried.”

Deputy Shaun Cayer of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that when he arrived and saw Settanni sitting with the man, he was unsure what to make of it. But “when I walked up, and she had that really calm demeanor, it looked like she was trying to help him,” he explained.

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Deputy Cayer eventually made his way to the ledge and grabbed the man and pulled him to safety. The man told the officer that he had made some bad decisions in his life and let his family down. He was then taken to a mental health facility.

The song “One More Light” is the title track to Linkin Park’s final studio album, which was released just two months before singer Chester Bennington took his own life on July 20th, 2017.

Update: Linkin Park have acknowledged Cristina’s heroic actions, tweeting a “thank you” to her: