David Bowie’s iconic VH1 Storytellers live album is finally being released on vinyl

Including four bonus tracks previously hidden on DVD

David Bowie on VH1 Storytellers vinyl record first time
David Bowie on VH1 Storytellers

There’s an overwhelming number of David Bowie records out there, but there’s one major record that has surprisingly never been pressed to vinyl: his live session for VH1’s Storytellers series. Now, that’s finally changing. Bowie’s VH1 Storytellers will be released on vinyl on October 11th via Parlophone.

This announcement arrives almost 20 years to the day after Bowie’s performance on the show, which was recorded on August 23rd of 1999. He played a career-spanning setlist which, at the time, could only go up to material from Hours, his 1999 album that had not yet been released at that point. It’s particularly notable for his performances of often overlooked songs like “Can’t Help Thinking About Me”, which he hadn’t played in 33 years, or “Word On A Wing”, which he hadn’t rolled out in 23 years.

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While technically VH1 Storytellers received a commercial release in 2009, it was only available as a CD and DVD package, the latter on which had four bonus songs not available on the CD. The new VH1 Storytellers vinyl will include all of the songs from his live session, including those bonus tracks. It’s a 2xLP release to accommodate the 12-song tracklist and coinciding commentary.

According to Bill Flanagan, the executive producer of VH1 Storytellers, everyone in the studio was surprised when he agreed to play the show just three years after the TV series debuted. “We were used to dealing with legendary musicians. Still, landing David Bowie was more than a big booking. There’s no way to say this without being corny: it was an honor,” he said in a press release. “Bowie has a unique place in rock and roll. He is not only one of the most influential musicians of the era, but he does nothing unless he is fully committed.”

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Speaking of TV, expect to see more David Bowie on your screen. The Man Who Fell to Earth, the 1976 film where Bowie made his big screen debut, is being turned into a TV series for CBS. Meanwhile, the upcoming film Stardust offered a first look at Johnny Flynn as Bowie. On top of all of this, maybe you’ll see Bowie in a commercial for a Mattel doll, as the company dropped a David Bowie-inspired Barbie to celebrate 50th anniversary of “Space Oddity”.

There’s a lot of Bowie content on the way, it seems, so take your protein pills and put your helmet to prepare for it all. Until then, check out the album artwork and tracklist for VH1 Storytellers below.

VH1 Storytellers Artwork: 

David Bowie VH1 Storytellers vinyl first time

VH1 Storytellers Tracklist:
Side 1:
01. Life On Mars?
02. Rebel Rebel (truncated)
03. Thursday’s Child

Side 2:
01. Can’t Help Thinking About Me
02. China Girl
03. Seven

Side 3:
01. Drive-In Saturday
02. Word On A Win
03. Survive *

Side 4:
01. I Can’t Read *
02. Always Crashing In The Same Car *
03. If I’m Dreaming My Life *

* = Bonus recordings not included on original CD