Drummer Gene Hoglan is optimistic about future of Dethklok

"I know the network was a bunch of f**kers ... but you never know"

Gene Hoglan optimistic dethklok future
Dethklok, via Adult Swim

Fictional heavy metal band Dethklok, the stars of defunct Adult Swim series Metalocalpysewill be returning for a one-off performance in November at the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles, and drummer Gene Hoglan shared his optimism for the future of the project beyond the lone live date.

In an interview with Australia’s Everblack podcast, Hoglan said he has a “real positive feeling about some things” and that he views the upcoming festival date as Adult Swim “extending an olive branch, it kind of seems like, to the band for the future.”

Hoglan, who is also the drummer for Testament and Dark Angel, added: “I always feel good about Dethklok’s future. I’m always the one holding out the hope. I know the network was a bunch of f**kers, and things didn’t end up on the best note, but you never know. And so we’ll see what that sort of attitude brings.”

Dethklok were the stars of Adult Swim’s Metalocalpyse before the Cartoon Network programming block unexpectedly canceled the series in 2015, hence Hoglan’s bitterness above. Like fellow animated act Gorillaz, Dethklok is a fictional band whose music is written and performed by actual people, with Dethklok’s members being physically present for live performances.

Under the leadership of mastermind Brendon Small, Dethklok released three full-length albums. However, with the band on hiatus, Small has pooled his talents into the new Galaktikon project, whose debut album, Become the Storm, is “essentially a Dethklok record”, according to Hoglan.

The drummer added: “I think that was Brendon’s… like, ‘We can’t be Dethklok anymore, but we’ve still got music in us, so we’ll have to change the title, change a bit of the scenery around the concept.’ But musically, it had all the same challenges of Dethklok.”

Perhaps the Adult Swim Festival appearance is the beginning of a reboot process for the series and band? Check out audio from the full interview with Hoglan below.