Jack Black and Jack White have finally recorded a song together

No word yet if it's called "Jack Grey"

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Update: Tenacious D will release their new Jack White-produced single on November 29th.

The dad joke of rock finally happened: Jack Black and Jack White recorded a new song together. Technically White joined Tenacious D as a unit, but as the old joke goes, this is as Jack Grey as it gets.

The news broke during Tenacious D’s performance in Nashville this past Sunday. During the band’s set, Black told the crowd, “Jack White, we went over to his house today and recorded a brand new song,” according to the Tennessean. It turns out Tenacious D stopped by White’s recording studio in Nashville, and as such the song will be released on Third Man Records.

No release date has been announced, nor did Black specify what White’s contribution to the song was. He could have added a shredding guitar solo, some backing vocals, or simply just produced it. Either way, it’s been a long time coming.

Update: Tenacious D have documented their recent trip to Nashville and visit with White in a new tour vlog.

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Given their separate celebrity statuses, Black and White have certainly known of each other’s existence for a while, and have been in the same award-show spaces before. But there has never been photographic evidence of the two meeting, or even being in the same room, until earlier this year. Tenacious D ran into White this June and jokingly posted a picture, captioned, “We hired a new merch guy.”

Here’s hoping he’s good at slinging merch — recently Tenacious D extended their 2019 US tour on through to the fall. Check out their full list of tour dates and grab tickets to see them live.

Over the weekend, while at Lollapalooza, Tenacious D took over our Instagram account. It was a total trip.


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