It’s attack of the 50 foot Lana Del Rey in the “Doin’ Time” video: Watch

The visuals for the Sublime cover are an homage to 1950s cinema

Lana Del Rey doin' time music video attack of the 50 foot tall woman
Lana Del Rey’s “Doin’ Time” video

Tomorrow brings the release of Lana Del Rey’s new album, Norman Fucking Rockwell. As we’ve neared the release date, her promotional push has kicked into high gear; just last week she dropped two new singles with joint visuals. Now, she’s unveiled a cheeky music video for her Sublime cover, “Doin’ Time”.

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While the track is from a late-’90s reggae punk band, the video is an homage to campy 1950s sci-fi cinema. The clip sees LDR becoming a screen giant just like the classic Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. There’s even a scene of her stepping over a freeway, replicating the movie’s iconic poster. But director Rich Lee adds a surreal twist to the concept, with Del Rey also playing the role of a scorned lover watching her larger self at a drive-in theater. She’s dealing with a philandering beau just like in the 1958 film, and once again it’s up to a giantess to take matters into her own hands.

Watch Lana Del Rey’s “Doin’ Time” video below.

LDR’s Norman Fucking Rockwell is out tomorrow, August 30th. Other singles shared ahead of the release include “Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have — But I Have It”“Venice Bitch”, “Fuck It I Love You”, “The Greatest”, and one of our favorites of 2018, “Mariners Apartment Complex”. Del Rey also recently shared studio versions of her response to the recent mass shootings, “Looking for America”, and her “Season of the Witch” cover from Guillermo del Toro’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

She’ll be on the road through fall and into winter, and you can find tickets to her upcoming shows here.