The Regrettes perform “I Dare You” on Good Morning America: Watch

Garage pop outfit supports their new record, How Do You Love?, with an early morning performance

The Regrettes I Dare You Good Morning America Performance
The Regrettes on Good Morning America

The peppy pop punk licks of The Regrettes’ new record, How Do You Love?, could work well as an early-morning perk-up, the audio complement to your first cup of coffee. So the band’s appearance on Monday’s Good Morning America to support the release seemed a fairly sound booking. The quartet delivered their single “I Dare You” with all the spirit you’d expect from such an insanely catchy track — but boy, it seemed hard to wake up that GMA crowd.

Given that the crossover between GMA attendees and potential The Regrettes concert-goers is likely pretty slim, perhaps it’s not too surprising the studio audience felt a bit stiff. (Besides which, being told to look like you’re enjoying a band you’ve probably never heard of while standing next to them on stage as a camera swings in front of your face cannot be comfortable.) But look past the people trying to catch the beat like an elusive butterfly between their claps, and focus on The Regrettes. “I Dare You” is shaping up to be one of the most indelible tracks of the summer, and the band’s verve and aesthetics are primed to take them further than ever with How Do You Love?.

Watch the performance below.

The Regrettes’ sophomore record, How Do You Love? is out now. To see them perform in front of what’s likely a much more enthused crowd, check for tickets to all their upcoming tour dates here.

For more on the band, revisit our interview with them from last year’s Lollapalooza, in which they discuss covering “Ballroom Blitz”, their love of Wayne’s World, and what it’s like to get an email from Lin-Manuel Miranda. Listen below.

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