Live From Øya Festival: Protoje and Razika on First Concerts

The second half of our coverage also highlights chats with Pom Poko and The Needs

This Must Be the Gig at Oya Festival

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This week, we return to Oslo for the second half of our coverage from Øya Festival. The warm and welcoming Norwegian music scene is on full display through four diverse interviews with host Lior Phillips.

First off, we have Protoje, the Jamaican reggae Grammy nominee who chats about his latest album, A Matter of Time, and his love of Erykah Badu. Next up is beloved Norwegian ska pop band Razika, who spoke to us just before one of their final farewell performances.

Third on the bill is the delightful Pom Poko, chatting about the origins of their band name and their love of art rock legends Deerhoof. And finally we have Bendik Brænne (“the country prince of Norway”) and Maciek Ofstad (of metal heroes Kvelertak) from brand new rock band The Needs, laughing at their own “supergroup” status in the Norwegian scene and generally cracking wise.

Stream the full episode above.

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