Ozzy Osbourne is finished with new solo album, calls it his “greatest” ever

The new LP was recorded with Post Malone producer Andrew Watt

Ozzy Osbourne new album finished
Ozzy Osbourne, photo by David Brendan Hall

    Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that he’s finished with a new solo album. He further divulged that it was recorded by Andrew Watt, the producer who previously worked with Ozzy and Post Malone on the latter’s “Take What You Want”.

    In a new interview with The Sun, Osbourne said that the collaboration with Malone led him to working with Watt on the as-yet-untitled effort. “I’d never even heard of this kid,” he remarked of Posty. “He wanted me to sing on his song ‘Take What You Want’, so I did, and then one thing led to another.”

    Malone previously remarked that Osbourne felt the collaboration was his greatest work since his Black Sabbath days, and the track has helped introduce Ozzy to a contemporary audience of young listeners. It’s fortuitous that all this sparked the rocker to re-enter the studio, as it’s the perfect time for him to strike with new music.


    Osbourne went on to say the new LP consists of “only nine tracks,” one of which is called “Ordinary Man”.  Though it may be relatively short, he proclaimed it “the greatest album I’ve done.”

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    What’s more, he considers the record “the catalyst to get me to where I am today.” The 70-year-old rocker has been sidelined by a string of health issues this year, but working in the studio apparently helped his mental state. As he explained,

    “If it wasn’t for making this record I would still be on traction, thinking, ‘I’m going to be lying here forever.’ I’ve missed music so badly. My fans are so loyal and so good. Up until making the album I thought I was dying. But that got me off my ass… The album was finished in four weeks.”


    The news of a completed album also proves hopeful for Osbourne’s physical health. Earlier this year, he suffered a sustained illness and took a nasty fall, leading to him postponing all of his 2019 dates. After undergoing three major operations, he’s “hoping to be fully better for the tour.”

    “If my balance is OK, I will be fine,” he added. “But I’m not retiring. I’m going to keep making music until I drop dead.”

    As of now, Ozzy is scheduled to resume touring in early 2020. His rescheduled European tour kicks off on January 31st, while his North American trek launches in late May. Pick up tickets here.

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