Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor on First Concerts, Devo, and Kanye’s “Bound 2”

From Peter Gabriel to Kraftwerk, the co-founder maps out the band's range of influences

Hot Chip, This Must Be the Gig

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After playing in a variety of bands as a teenager in London, Alexis Taylor met Joe Goddard at Elliott School in Putney. The two shared an interest in fusing electronic rhythms, synths, and punk energy with a quirky sense of humor, eventually resulting in the formation of the now-beloved group Hot Chip in the year 2000.

The title of their debut album, Coming on Strong, set a clear forecast for Hot Chip. The group quickly earned rave reviews for their off-kilter yet imminently grooveable records and passionate live performances, leading to highlights including a 2009 Grammy nomination for the unstoppable “Ready for the Floor”.

This past June, the nearly 20-year-old act released A Bath Full of Ecstasy via legendary indie label Domino. In this chat, you’ll hear Lior and Alexis discuss the origins of Hot Chip, their shared love of Devo, the tragic loss of producer Phillipe Zdar, working with Katy Perry and the appeal of Kanye West’s “Bound 2”.

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