Danny Carey: Tool have “tons of material” for next album

"It's not going to take 12 years"

Tool have tons of material for next album
Tool, photo by Travis Shinn

It took Tool over a decade to release their latest album, Fear Inoculum, but it appears that fans won’t have to wait that long for the follow-up. In a new interview, drummer Danny Carey revealed that the band has “tons of material” for the next album.

“My hope is we get in and knock out another record,” Carey told Metal Hammer. “We have tons of material. It’s not going to take 12 years, or if it does, I’ll probably be so old I probably can’t pick up my sticks any more! But my hope is we’ll do another record and just keep moving forward.”

It actually took 13 years between 10,000 Days and Fear Inoculum, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart after finally arriving on August 30th.

Regarding a timetable for the new album, Carey added, “It’s hard to say. We’re going to tour on this probably for two or three years at least, I imagine. It feels like what we’ve done on every album, and then I guess we’ll see where we’re sitting after that.”

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According to previous remarks from bassist Justin Chancellor, the band scrapped at least an album’s worth of material before recording what would ultimately become Fear Inoculum. However, Carey noted in the new interview that there are no fully recorded songs that can potentially be included on the next release.

“There are no leftover Tool songs … there’s tons of riffs and jams and things,” Carey said. “But there’s no put-together songs that are sitting in the eaves. It’ll take a process of doing it. And if we do do another album, it’ll take three years after touring. That’s just the way it is with our band.”

With Fear Inoculum and the burden of its release in the rearview, Tool will embark on a lengthy North American tour this fall. Purchase tickets here.