Woman who posted R. Kelly’s bail wants her money back

As Kelly is currently being held without bond on federal charges, Valencia Love says her bail money went towards nothing and should be returned

r kelly woman bail returned judge mugshot
R. Kelly’s mugshot

In news that should be shocking to no one, it turns out investing in R. Kelly is a bad move. On Tuesday, a judge ruled that the woman who posted Kelly’s $100,000 bond in February will not be getting her money back.

The woman, identified by the Chicago Sun-Times as Valencia Love, paid the troubled R&B singer’s bail because Kelly struggled to come up with the funds himself. Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, told the judge that the singer’s finances are a “mess” due to his ongoing legal issues, so Love put up the money herself. Now, though, Love is seeking a refund.

The money initially guaranteed Kelly’s freedom for about four months. That was enough time for him to go to McDonald’s and make an absolute clown of himself on CBS with Gayle King before being arrested again on federal charges in Chicago. Love told a Cook County judge that when she originally posted the bail, she had no knowledge of the federal investigations in New York or Chicago — which makes sense, because they were ongoing at the time and not public knowledge.

As Kelly is currently being held without bond on those federal charges, Love argued that the bail money went towards nothing and should be returned. Judge Lawrence Flood naturally denied the motion, citing a lack of legal precedent.

Amazingly, Love wasn’t actually looking to get the bail money back for her own use; she wanted to use it to help Kelly cover his other legal fees. “At no point have I ever supported a pedophile,” Love argued when asked about the charges against Kelly. “He has not been convicted yet. Why is it so bad that I did a favor for a friend?”

Also during Tuesday’s hearing, Judge Flood denied a motion from the Cook County prosecutor seeking more than the $100k bail already posted. Seeing as Kelly is already in custody without bond, Flood said increasing the fee in the criminal case was “kind of a moot point.”

In addition to the on-going criminal case, Kelly is facing 40-70 years in prison on federal charges in Illinois, on top of a federal indictment in Brooklyn and a recent Minnesota criminal case filed in August. An investigation was also launched in Georgia after the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series aired. These are just a few of the countless allegations of sexual crimes against Kelly. His Chicago trial is set to begin on April 27th.