Kanye’s new Yeezy sneakers look a lot like Crocs

The Yeezy Foam Runners have elicited some *chef's kiss* spectacular reactions and memes

kanye crocs foam runner memes
Kanye’s Crocs, aka Yeezy Foam Runner

If Jesus Is King, how could he have possibly let Kanye West’s new shoe prototype look like Crocs? OK, maybe Yeezy fashion fans aren’t thinking that spiritually about the so-called “Foam Runners”, though a lot of them are definitely laughing.

The Chicago rapper’s daughter, North West, debuted a pair in public back in June, but photos of the adult-sized versions finally made their rounds on social media after being leaked by Instagram account Yeezy Mafia. It took all but a few seconds for people to point out the obvious: Ye’s latest sneakers look a lot like Crocs. And not even the vaguely acceptable Post Malone kind.

Crocs, but make it streetwear?

Naturally, the best reactions on what are now being dubbed “Yeezy Crocs” (or “Yocs” for short) have taken place on the internet via fantastic meme form. Scroll on down for some of the most amusing ones.

To quote a meme, all I can say is: What are thoooooose

According to the New York Times, the Foam Runners are “set to debut at the end of the year.” (But please, Kanye, there’s still time to change your mind.) Here’s hoping Ye’s new album, Jesus Is King, due out September 27th, is more appealing.