Air’s Nicolas Godin shares new solo single “The Border”: Stream

Accompanied by a gorgeous music video directed by Alden Volney

Nicolas Godin The Border

Four years after his solo debut Contrepoint, Air’s Nicolas Godin has returned with a new beautiful single “The Border”. The lush electronic effort is the first from Godin’s upcoming full-length due sometime early next year. Additionally, the tune comes paired with a new music video.

Tightly built yet expansively open, the new track won’t leave Godin fans disappointed. The synths are articulate in their attacks as the song subtly unfolds into a wide open landscape. In a press release Godin explained his intentions behind it, stating,

“I wrote this song thinking of the great architect Mies van der Rohe. He built the Barcelona pavilion in 1929 on the hill of Montjuic in Barcelona and this building swept away all the past of the history of architecture to open a new page of human history, making the world enter into modern architecture. In short, it’s the story of someone who asks some others to follow him to the Spanish border by the sea to show them a new path towards freedom and peace…leaving everything behind.”

The track’s accompanying music video is the perfect match. Directed by Alden Volney, the opening scene finds a body laid out on a bed next to a sprawled pile of postcards depicting various iconic architecture. Then, the walls break open, and the body drifts through glowing light among city buildings, then high over patches of wild topography. Eventually our unknown man lands at the foot of a surprise destination.

Listen to Nicolas Godin’s “The Border” below.


On creating the video, Volney said he wanted to “explore the idea of freeing yourself from all the clutter and the noise, both physical and emotional.” He continued, “It’s about travel. Being hundreds of kilometers away from home and the identity crisis inducing realisation that you’re letting the stuff you hoard define you. It’s about strange, exciting new frontiers.”

The full solo album will be landing in early 2020 via Because Music. While we wait for more details, “The Border” is more than enough to hold us over for a bit.


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